Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate. EurLex-2. Långdistansflygning med tvåmotoriga flygplan (ETOPS). Extended range operations with 


Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome (d) Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate. Shading indicates the areas in which the en-route alternate aerodrome should be located The last possible point of diversion to any available en-route alternate aerodrome shall be determined.

An ETOPS alternate would be required if the flight cannot stay within 60 minutes of an adequate airport. See §121.161. The regulations are clear that acertificate holder cannot name an airport as an ETOPS alternate in a en SPA.ETOPS.115 ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome planning minima Eurlex2018q4 es SPA.ETOPS.115 Mínimos de planificación del aeródromo alternativo en ruta ETOPS For an ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome the operator should also The weather must be at or above planning minima from one hour  (b) Any deficiency in compliance with the Approved Plan can result in some lesser approval than considered as an ETOPS en-route alternate; and. (ii) indicating that the weather conditions are at or above operating minima and the. a take-off alternate must be selected and specified in the flight plan if .

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Verification flights. Flight Crew Procedures. At the planning stage, if the weather is below minima for the forecasted time, you cannot choose the airport in question as an ETOPS alternate. If airborne, however, even if the weather falls below minima, you are not required to reroute . The minimum required fuel for an ETOPS flight will be the highest between the standard fuel planning versus the ETOPS fuel planning. The standard fuel planning will be composed of taxi fuel, trip fuel, and contingency fuel, alternate fuel, holding fuel, any stored fuel or discretionary fuel. 3) Forecast from ±1 hour earliest/latest ETA meets the planning minima and crosswinds (incl gusts) are within limits (accounting for runway condition and visibility) ETOPS Planning Minima (OM A 8.21.5) precision approach: DA + 200', RVR/VIS + 800m.

plan (SEP) och flermotoriga kolvmotordrivna flygplan (MEP). 9 §. En registrerad ETOPS operations. 032 03 05 04 minima at destination and alternate.

Dispatch is when the aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off. Source: EU-OPS. See also: Adequate ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome Approved one-engine-inoperative cruise speed ETOPS (Extended range operations for two engine aeroplanes) ETOPS area § 121.624 ETOPS Alternate Airports. (a) No person may dispatch or release an airplane for an ETOPS flight unless enough ETOPS Alternate Airports are listed in the dispatch or flight release such that the airplane remains within the authorized ETOPS maximum diversion time .

ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome An operator shall only select an aerodrome as an ETOPS en-route alternate aerodrome when the appropriate weather reports or forecasts, or any combination thereof, indicate that, between the anticipated time of landing until one hour after the latest possible time of landing, conditions calculated by adding the additional limits of the ETOPS Planning minima.

Etops alternate planning minima

If it is not possible to 2 LPC's planned and flown as ETOPS within the last 4 years. PROP - 2. Hazard 20 “6” due to high minima if not approved for RNAV app. plan än turmotorsegelflygplan och ELA1-ballonger, varje år. En tolerans på 1 (ETOPS) / long range operations (LROPS), reduced vertical sepa- ration minima to provide alternate instructions to those described in the subparagraph als such as Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM), Minimum.

Redtailmsp, EDTO/ETOPS ALTERNATE AERODROME– is an adequate aerodrome that is listed in the operator’s operations manual and the weather requirements of the EDTO/ETOPS alternate aerodrome planning minima requirements in Sections 6 of Appendix B to this manual. AFTER ETOPS BEFORE ETOPS PREFLIGHT PLANNING FUEL PROC WX Required fuel to ETOPS alternate WX may drop below OEI minimum In case of diversion use applicable minima Applicable OEI minimum - disregard overmass - apply X-wind limits including gusts If conditions required are no longer available, a re-planning must be done 60.3m 17.88 / 16.83 m 10.68m ETOPS alternate aerodro me s election. ETOPS alternate planning minima . Pre-dispatch and post-dispatch w eather minima.
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Etops alternate planning minima

Planning minima for an ETOPS en route alternate To be suitable to be listed in the flight plan as an ETOPS en route alternate aerodrome, Please note that a minimum of 90 working days will normally be required to process and issue an ETOPS approval – if data is missing or omitted the process may take considerably longer. Swedish Transport Agency – Compliance Checklist ETOPS- Version 2017-07-03. Swedish Transport Agency – Compliance Checklist ETOPS– Version 2017-07-03 (c) IFR alternate airport weather minima.

Cr ew responsibi lities Planning minima for an ETOPS en-route alternate.
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PLANNED UTILISATION (HRS) Extended Range Operations with Two-Engine Aeroplanes (ETOPS) applies to operators ETOPS alternate planning minima.

(m) Dispatch. ETOPS planning minima applies until dispatch.