2021-4-22 · The Certificate in International Marketing (12 ECTS) is a 100 % online programme offered in French and/or English and comprising four courses allowing you to become an Expert in International Marketing.


Two postdocs from UPSC receive an international postdoc grant from the Swedish Research Council. By Anne Honsel / 2020-12-16 12:55:59. Read More.

Drag and drop files here. Select files to upload. Max. file size: 10.6MB. Browse Files FIRST YEAR: SECOND YEAR: Letteratura tedesca (6 ECTS): Estetica contemporanea (6 ECTS): Letteratura italiana contemporanea (12 ECTS): English Literature (6 ECTS) : Littérature française (12 ECTS): Littérature francophone européenne (6 ECTS): Langue et traduction - Langue française (6 ECTS): Pittura in età moderna (6 ECTS) *: Lingua e Cultura italiana (12 ECTS): Teoria della letteratura Study at a choice of 10 European universities and receive one joint degree. Complete 120 ECTS credits over two years including a 30 ECTS thesis. Gain access to Europe's top marine research institutes.

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Det motsvarar ECTS-skalans A. Det sämsta betyget är -3. Det motsvarar ECTS-skalans F. Skalan består av följande betyg: 12. If two students have the same amount of ECTS credits, the one registered first will be given 12, -, 49, Th, 4.12.2014, 08:15-10:00, Saaristo, Tapahtuman tiedot. och ackumulering. Kolla in dessa fantastiska fakta om ECTS-poängräknare här.

Generally, in one academic year 60 ECTS credits are awarded. Once you Article 12 – (1) Courses consist of compulsory and elective courses. Compulsory  

Module 1 (year 1) is composed out of 9 compulsory courses and one elective, in total 60 ECTS-credits. Course title. The teaching program of the master foresee 12 ECTS (400h) of training, to be accomplished in laboratories of the University or in other affiliated structures; and 6 ECTS (150h) of stage at extra-academic specialized institutions and / or companies.

TLS_0073 Decoding Modern Warfare, 12 ECTS. TLS_0073 Decoding Modern Warfare, 12 ECTS. Show past courses. Learning outcomes. After the course, the  

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6 North American credits. 2,500 students welcomed since 2001.

Students are expected to complete 5 courses (2.5 Brock credits/30 ECTS) each semester to be considered full time students. One course at Brock= 0.5 Brock credits/6 ECTS. 2.0 credits is roughly equal to 22.5 ECTS/13.5 UniSA units 2019-10-24 · Apart from these 8.5 ECTS credits, students can choose according to their interests, to meet the minimum of 12 ECTS credits. Activities of the “Programme Transversal” (soft skills) of CUSO are highly recommended. ECTS credits obtained by attending other activities are the subject to coordinator approval for validation. 2020-8-18 · The practical courses are usually offered as courses with a total of 6 ECTS credits, so that students can combine different practical courses to a 12-ECTS module. A further 12 ECTS T he Master in Quantum Engineering takes minimum 4 semesters to be completed and requires a total of 120 credit points (ECTS)..
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12 ECTS-Kurs (Master) pro Semester möglich. Wenn Sie mehr als ein Schwerpunktseminar bzw.

6. 2003-06-12 Minnesanteckningar från KUFs arbetsmöte den 12 maj 2003. 12….kan vi renodla ECTS för kursperioden?
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Chinese Business Management (12 ECTS) 6 course-blocks à 1-3 full days. Case Studies on Cross-Border Business - Focus Innovation in China. Chinese Culture and Enterprise Management. Macroeconomics in China. E-Commerce and Marketing in China. Innovation in Switzerland and China: a Race for the Better. East Meets West.

Although the project is often the systematic development of a technological product, it could also be a technology comparison, or more innovative or experimental research work. In this track, you'll have to take the compulsory courses (12 ECTS), 24 ECTS in Globalisation and Law programme courses, obtain 12 ECTS in electives and write a 12 ECTS master's thesis.