Mac geared hub motor with 2 composite gears and 1 steel gear, US $ 100 - 300 / Piece, Shanghai, China, Mac Motor, 53621-CD.Source from Cutler MAC (Shanghai) Brushless Motor Co., Ltd. on


The GMAC motor system was developed in conjunction with Grin Technologies and Mac motors, and is the premier lightweight, high-powered, regenerative-capable electric assist system. Featuring: An 8.6 lb rear hub motor with up to 100 N-m of torque - higher than any hub-motor (and almost any mid-drive) e-bike on the market!

Description Reviews Overall Rating 0. Write a review. Your Name. Your Review. Note: HTML is not translated! Rating Bad … 2020-09-30 Q128 48V400W-500W Rear Driving V-brake, rim-brake, Disc-Brake compatible E-Bike Hub Motor. Waterproof hall sensor connector.

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Comparing engineering specifications is helpful, but road testing finished E-bikes really shows the personality of a motor drive system. The twisting steep roads of the Marin Headlands proved to be an ideal area for electric bicycle motor testing. Introducing the GMAC Clutchless Geared Hub Motor from Grin Tech We're now in full scale launch mode for the new GMAC hub motor, the result of a collaboration between Grin and MAC motors to produce a powerful but light hub The Mac Motor is a High Power, High Torque, Geared Hub Motor intended for Spoked Bicycle wheels from 16” to700C. Rated Output power is typically between 500 to 1000W depending upon the motor winding selected and the operating voltage. An internal 5:1 planetary gear with clutch is implemented. The MAC motor should climb hills nearly as fast as the BBSHD.

Direct drive hub motors don’t have any internal gears and geared hub motors have only single gear ratio. And these motors mechanically designed for either high speed or high torque. Without changing size it is hard to have an e-bike motor with high torque which can go fast that easily.

5 to 1 motor planetary gear reduction for ultimate in efficiency and light weight. The most advanced Ebike controller on the market (ASI BAC-800) light weight and tiny. The GMAC is probably the best geared hub motor you can get right now. It has proper sized 10mm axles and a built-in torque arm, which means that it's probably going to have the widest compatibility with existing bikes.


Gmac geared hub motor

Featuring: An 8.6 lb rear hub motor with up to 100 N-m of torque - higher than any hub-motor (and almost any mid-drive) e-bike on the market! 28mph top speed, up to 40 mph for speed-unlimited software settings. The GMAC motor - a brushless, internally geared DC motor with a locked clutch for regenerative braking. It's a revolutionary motor design based on the highest quality hub motor, a model that's been ridden and real-world tested for the last 15 years!

Thus low torque. I ride 72 hills on my weekly commute, I use a geared hub motor. The DD hub motor I had before (like the GMAC) used about 50% more electricity on all those hills. With 60 lb supplies & tools my outbound gross weight is 300 lb. This video shows the basic setup parameters in the Phaserunner software for a GMAC motor and also illustrates the new virtual freewheeling feature that is av The BMC geared hub motor is intrinsically complex. Most direct-drive hub motors only have a few moving parts, and a BMC motor with the gear set has tens of moving parts.
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Gmac geared hub motor

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gmac motor 1 While regenerative braking in e-bikes usually only offers around a 5% increase in range during city driving, its braking benefit is often more important than its efficiency gains. 2019-07-10 "GMAC Clutchless Geared Hub Motor, 8T (10.2 rpm/V) Winding. This motor includes an internal 6-pole speedeometer sensor so it can use a CA-DP device and not require an external speedo pickup.
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There are a few common themes in this year's playoffs: the injection of young stars getting their  Mar 30, 2021 6km/h 8 inch brushless geared hub motor. Since falling to Jones, Cormier is 3-0 and has undoubtedly grown as a mixed martial artist. high  500W Geared Spoke Hub Motor For Electric Bicycle 500W BPM Motor with water proof cable 500W Geard Spoke Hub Motor specially designed for normal  EUNORAU BTN version hub motor kit have 36V250W version ,36V500W version, 48V500W version,48V750W FAT version,48V1000W version.